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Bingo Loopy Review – Expert Ratings and User Reviews

Bingo Loopy Review – Expert Ratings and User Reviews

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As this drive is ongoing, and indeed has gathered around it some kind of aura of sexiness see all the discussion of MOOCs everywhere from the New York Times to edublogs , it will only continue.

And talk promoted by the WMF of using Wikipedia in classrooms only enhances this aura. We've been saying for too long: And despite the poor press that he received, his will be only the first, I suggest, of many such M OO Cs to hit Wikipedia.

Is there anyway of confronting this situation that isn't simply defensive, reactive? The grant proposal on Meta gives a decent, although somewhat disorganized, overview of how far the plans have developed.

The proposal was not funded in the recently concluded first round of the Individual Engagement Grants program; I'm exploring and applying for other grant options now.

From my perspective, first and foremost that means steering clear of assignments that might break Wikipedia or overwhelm its existing community.

The plan for my course is to focus on exploring Wikipedia from many different angles with an emphasis on understanding how Wikipedia its community works.

Recruiting long-term editors is the goal, but the class itself would only have the most basic requirements in terms of making edits outside of sandboxes.

MOOC students are largely self-motivated to learn about the subject of a class they are enrolled in, and there's little incentive to bumble through assignments they don't want to do or are not interested in.

This is why you see a typical Coursera classes with 50, students, but only 1,, remain active to the end, and maybe half that many do the assignments.

Of course, many do them very badly even still, but that's no different from the baseline influx of Wikipedia newbies.

The difference from other classes is that incompetent or uninterested students don't have the same kind of grade pressure to press on anyway In my MOOC plan, in contrast to the Wikipedia Education Program approach, the impact would come from what the students choose to do on their own after they learn the basics through the class, rather than from the things they are explicitly assigned to do for class.

I'd like to set a good precedent for it, so that we don't have the first Wikipedia MOOCs come from people who don't know enough about how Wikipedia works not to break it.

After seeing drama over yet another poor student article cross my watchlist today AN discussion , Ambassadors post , DRV , I find myself wondering where the line is that we expect professors to tread with regard to engagement with their students' articles.

In the huge drama up a ways on this noticeboard, we had Woodsnake, who felt he was not required to supervise or engage with his students' contributions at all.

Today, we have Piotrus, who is going to bat, hugely and somewhat aggressively, for an article written by one of his students.

Where, exactly, is the line? It may be helpful in the long run if we can enumerate for professors exactly how much involvement from them in student articles is ideal.

For their evaluation of students, would we want all professors to, prior to any assignment beginning,:.

What appears to be two student groups have started editing articles on marine life: The edits so far seem fairly competent and Copyscape doesn't detect plagiarism.

However, the names they have chosen suggest there may be 13 or more groups involved, so this may be the start of considerable activity.

Has their instructor notified anyone that this would be happening. Is there any procedure to follow from our end if this is what is taking place?

Please take a look at WT: WikiProject Disability Disability culture , a brief discussion about an "edit-a-thon" by a class and how it affected or rather failed to affect a WikiProject.

Please also see the external site mentioned in the discussion and the comment I posted there. It's an example of how disconnected educational editing is from the mainstream Wikipedia community.

I believe my comment at the external site may have some value for this Educational Project. Roger Dodger67 talk The current Campus Ambassador application process typically goes through specifically a Regional Ambassador or even me.

How do people feel about a similar process as the Online Ambassador application, which directs applicants here to the noticeboard?

Regional Ambassadors could still participate in the approval process, but it would create a more open process to on-boarding Campus Ambassadors, as others could participate, too.

Is this a good direction for on-boarding new CAs? JMathewson WMF talk This is somewhat of a tangent, but at present there is no technical difference between the campus volunteer and online volunteer user rights, except that they have a few separate but identical slots within the extension features Special: OnlineVolunteers, different slots in the Summary section of course pages.

Obviously, the origin of this separation is the distinct Campus and Online Ambassador roles, but I've been trying to make the extension as general as possible, rather tied to the specific form and terminology of the US and Canada Education Programs for which it was originally designed.

Some time in the next few months, I'd like to consolidate to a single course volunteer user right, so that the software side of it is more or less completely independent of but still compatible with the Wikipedia Ambasssador roles.

I'll post more widely about this before we start rewriting the extension, but I wanted to give a heads up since we're talking about a related issue already.

I don't have a whole lot of Wikipedia editing experience outside of what I've done in the Campus Ambassador online training, but the training has been helpful and straightforward.

Professor Greta Munger has used Wikipedia in her Cognition and the Arts course, so it made sense to have somebody on campus who can help out.

The hope is other professors on campus will be interested in utilizing Wikipedia for their courses as well. I'll, of course, post links to the page history on the relevant talk pages.

Education program , though you can see that's currently in a very preliminary draft. I'm wondering if I could ask for some help re: I ran a course during Q1 at Queen Mary, University of London called Research Methods Film , which will be running again in the Autumn semester, but because the course has now been designated as inactive it's not - it's just not running till next academic year!

Could anyone help reinstate the course page, course list, and enrolled students please? Many thanks in advance, DrJennyCee talk There has been an influx of Evolutionary psychology articles from usernames starting with Psyc There's a thread at WikiProject Linguistics.

One is already at AfD. There seems, once again, to be an emphasis on writing essays on subjects close to existing articles, rather than improving the existing articles.

And once again, the students write about the Big Five personality traits as if Wikipedia has no article on the topic.

The teacher account has no edits. What happens is lots of students write essays on the Big Five. Or on evolutionary psychology as viewed from certain angles.

All independent of each other. Someone nominates one for deletion. The class and the education folks get over-defensive.

One of them writes a academic paper mentioning the issue in a completely biased manner. Wikipedians get viewed once again, as villagers with pitchforks rather than folk who want to create an encyclopaedia with articles people enjoy reading, rather than a dumping ground for D-grade student essays:.

This really needs WP: In both of these cases, students who were the targets of these attacks were understandably upset.

We're just going to see this again. All sorts of "articles" with subjects already covered by Wikipedia are going to be created and will cause grief as they get deleted.

And don't forget the waste of time these articles are to all the wiki-gnomes who go round fixing citations and adding wikilinks. The solution is better education of instructors so their assignments don't end up being misguided.

Where is the Wiki page where this class assignment is laid out? Where is the proposed work discussed with anyone who actually edits Wikipedia?

Where is the sense of Wikipedian-responsibility for the assignee's work? Or is this just another case where well-meaning but utterly clueless people turn up and dump on us?

If this is a coordinated educational project, a subpage should have been created somewhere on wikipedia to record and monitor editing in an open and transparent way.

That page should also have included any specific instructions and guidance regarding this topic. What is happening at the moment is that new users have been advised to create fork articles for the article evolutionary psychology and link them to the relevant sections of that article.

Using wikipedia as a learning or teaching facility in university courses is of course fine, provided it is done in an open and transparent way.

So far that has not happened here. Memills' own editing of this specialized a topic, a topic not free from controversy, has not been without its problems.

Some sentences obtained after copying a paragraph into google and the paragraph of our article:. Taking a look at other sources I have not found other problems which of course does not mean they are not there , so it may indicate an unintentional mistake while paraphrasing the source.

The discussion at Wikipedia: Accordingly I have moved the content to User: Where should the instructor of a new class project be directed to?

If, for instance, a speedy deletion is contested with " Don't delete this, it is for our class project ", I would normally give the usual newbie advice and add "Please ask your instructor to look at WP: School and university projects ".

Now there is outreach: Wikipedia Education Program but from the note at the top of WP: SUP it seems that only covers some parts of the world, and there is also Wikipedia: Help desk New articles and submission for entries.

It looks like they are using AfC, which as we've discussed before, is totally unsuited to the requirements of a class project.

This is not related to classes, though it may develop into that. It is most closely related to the project to use abstracts of PLOS review articles.

I add it here as the place where it's likely to get notice from those who might have some comments. The suggestion is that we try to spot, in any field of our own academic interest, interesting papers of a non-specialized nature.

If the author is someone with whom we have some degree of acquaintance, and the paper has sufficient general review content rather than being entirely what we would call Original Research , we could then ask if they would like to prepare a short rewritten summary for Wikipedia, either in an existing article or as a new article.

It would be ideal if the person had kept the copyright, but if not, they can still use their ideas to write a more generally oriented summary along the same lines, giving attribution to the publication that inspired it.

There is of course a difficulty in submitting work that cites oneself, but not if it goes through AfC or someone else adds it to WP.

In most cases they started out with articles that were either in a rather bad state, or stub-like. It seems to me that these kind of articles can gain most from student edits - much more than good or featured articles in which every major edit needs to be discussed on the talk page.

I wonder if it would be a good idea to create a list on subject project pages for instance, in my case Wikipedia: WikiProject Psychology with suggestions for students.

What do you think? Lova Falk talk I stumbled upon this sandbox talk page , in which a new student editor's contributions are being peer-reviewed.

One of the criteria seems to be: I fear a new invasion of student editors who all add text based on primary sources. Anybody who knows more about this class and the responsible teacher?

Hi all, I'd like to point out a new course I've just added. We ran it once without using the Wikipedia Course Pages, concluding last week; but this time at Sage's urging we are migrating to use the course pages, and transitioning our School of Open pages to serve as a simple portal for signup rather than a LMS-like resource to which students will return throughout the class.

The pages, which are all still somewhat under construction, are here:. I welcome any input, ideas, etc.

In addition, if anybody would like to help out in an Ambassador-like capacity, that would be great; please let me know! For those who don't know me: I did a good deal of the planning around what has become the Wikipedia Education Program, so I'm familiar with the general structure here; but as for using the Course Pages to support a class, I am brand new.

Though it wasn't my original intent, I'm really happy to realize that using the Course Pages may offer good opportunities to engage more fully with other instructors working on Wikipedia assignments!

Please feel free to send questions, ideas, feedback, etc. Interdisciplinary Affective Science Lab Undergraduate Wikipedia Project As a part of the Association for Psychological Science Wikipedia Initiative, participating undergraduate research assistants will each edit one Wikipedia article or section of an article per semester within the field of affective science.

Our students will become familiarized with Wikipedia, how to create and edit articles and when it is appropriate to do so , and contribute to the educational outreach of our field.

We hope to expand upon Wikipedia's affective science articles. Summer 1 semester runs from May 10 through June 31 Summer 2 semester runs from July 1 through August 31 Fall semester runs from September 5 through December 20 Spring semester runs from January 5 through May 6 -- Njbetz talk Has anyone checked this course's previous output for quality, such as WP: I happened upon this in Wikipedia: The course page is Wikipedia: What classes are doing this right now?

I'm helping with one, and now I realize I should have posted here sooner about it to solicit peer reviews. It's a bit late in the game, but comments on the following peer reviews for Education Program: In hindsight, maybe I should have kept things simple by keeping things on article talk pages, where the students have been commenting on their peer's work.

For example, if four people are publishing a paper in a journal, they likely did not all do the same exact thing. Similarly, we could have models where students do different things.

Among the principals of wiki is understandability and editability. Could we please get the following text added to the top of Special: This is a school system one computer device to one student.

They are familiar with wikipedia for obtaining information, I would like them to know the basics and etiquette around being contributors as well.

They will be "experts" of their area. We have noticed some omissions and errors involving local towns and attractions. We will be editing or adding content to towns and attractions in Oxford County, Maine.

Started last week collecting and verifying information and will commence June 10th. A diff reads in my watchlist as: Education Program article log ; Rweintraub talk contribs removed themself as reviewer to article Glutathione S-transferase worked upon by Jnims as part of course Education Program: They weren't in the class.

And when I click on the link for Education Program article log, which is Special: We now have a new little feature working on the Special: MyCourses Did You Know.

This is something that Jeroen De Dauw created before the extension launched, and he just folded it into the education program extension recently.

I suggest following the convention I started with: I've been trying to clean up and document how the trainings are put together, and in the process I've streamlined the steps for building new training modules.

If anyone is interested in trying it out, for example by putting together a module about the specific info we want students and professors in psychology classes to be aware beyond what's in the other trainings , please give it a try, and I'll help however I can.

My WMF team wants to make it as easy as possible for other language Wikipedias to create or adapt education program training modules from this, so anything I can do to further make it easier is useful feedback.

History of Science to Newton. This course focuses on Aristotelian natural philosophy from the Greeks, through the Islamic Golden Age, and up to Copernicus and Newton.

We will be working on the History of Science WikiProject and using it as a guide for articles that need attention. The students are advanced undergraduates.

I intend to modify the 12 week sample syllabus for my shorter summer course. My students will become familiarized with Wikipedia, how to create and edit articles and when it is appropriate to do so , and contribute to the educational outreach of the history of science.

We hope to expand upon Wikipedia's articles on ancient and medieval science and natural philosophy. The first user's name is rather similar to typical school usernames including my own high school's ; she would be a sophomore whether in high school or undergraduate.

Is there any class or anything anyone has seen that could explain these users and their content? Found it completely by accident.

Greetings, Education Program participants. This project will not fully integrate Wikipedia into the curriculum throughout the course, but it will serve as an extra credit opportunity for students and as a test pilot for the Education Program here in Portland.

The class has between 40 and 50 students, but the instructor thinks more like students may participate. Jami Mathewson went ahead and recommended that I create a course page and post a message here to hopefully receive a bit of online support.

My presentation will be on Tuesday, May 28, which is soon. My reason for writing is two-fold. Would someone be willing to grant me rights or even create a page on my behalf using the above information?

I am happy to provide additional details if needed. I will try my best to help as much as possible, but having additional backup would be comforting.

The students have been assigned an Oregon ballot measure to write about. During my presentation, I plan to provide a history and overview of Wikipedia and its mission, provide statistics, explain benefits of the Education Program, discuss the assignment, provide basic training and answer questions.

I am happy to provide an e-mail address for students to reach me directly. Ideally, I will have examples of similar quality articles to display and offer content suggestions.

My hope is that students will have a unique experience, learn a bit about Wikipedia and how it works, and hopefully a few will even remain editors after June.

I believe this project will mark the first Education Program collaboration in Oregon. Any thoughts, suggestions or offers of support are much appreciated.

We have a new class editing rhabdomyolysis. They basically wrote sections of an article and copy and pasted them into the middle of this featured article.

Some of the images ended up duplicated. It does not appear as if the students read the current article before attempting to add their own content.

Have seen this a number of times before were student additions are simply duplication of what is already there. Does anyone have a class list? In the junior unit WRIT, students will receive training in Wikipedia Editing, and assignments will be structured around conducting research, verifying facts, editing entries to correct or supplement facts, and including citations where they are lacking.

Students enrolled in the senior undergraduate unit WRIT, come from diverse disciplines and faculties across our institution.

The assignments will involve students searching Wikipedia to find whether their research projects on varied topics are already represented.

Where they are not represented, students will, following the dictates of the Wikipedia pillars, create and develop pages throughout the semester on their chosen topics.

Where pages do exist, students will continue to develop them with links to and from the pages, additional information, images, and citations.

Students will also make improvements to the organisation of information on the pages, to the writing style and accuracy of expression.

Since folks seem good with it, I'll go ahead and grant the instructor right. Any admin, or anyone with the course coordinator right, can do this.

If you're interested in getting the latter right so that you can help close instructor requests in a timely manner, you can request it on this page.

Hello, I need a list of North American or US institutions which have run a Wikipedia-oriented course as a part of this education program. This still seems under construction.

I want to use it for PR purposes. When courses are finished, can they be marked as closed somehow? I'm thinking of something like Template: Given that we have a finish date, it could be done a month after the finish by a bot?

Is there a public place where the historical version of Special: Courses is available for viewing? They will each take on one article. Further details are here Wikipedia: Feedback appreciated both in developing exactly how things will work before and analysing outcomes after the course.

If it is a success hopefully this can continue long term. Another of the articles previously touched on at Wikipedia: Can this be corrected to "yourself"?

A trivial fix, but right now I find it unnerving to see that next to every single article. I have started a discussion about retaining student editors after their course is over at the above link.

Please join in the discussion! Is this meant to be 'past'? If this is some regional English use of the word 'passed', could we instead use the word 'historic' or the word 'archived'?

It's too close to the sense of 'the students passed the course' Stuartyeates talk Back in May of we had 3 new users and an IP making negative changes to the article on Rhabdomyolysis.

I reverted the changes, protected the page and posted a comment here [29] were the protect was supported.

Subsequent to this some feel that my protection of this article was a misuse of admin tools [30]. A number of us attempted to address a class editing Parkinson's disease without protection and it was difficult in May of there were five new editors.

I ended up protecting that page as well eventually. Wondering what we as a community feel is appropriate when dealing with classes who are making negative changes to an article?

Do people feel protection is appropriate and if so can this be done by those who have previously edited the article in question? The course in a section of Honors Introduction to Psychology.

Students will primarily be in their first year of college. As part of their community service requirements, students will be writing a Wikipedia article that increases accurate coverage of psychology.

They will be primarily writing about classic studies in the history of psychology. The Association for Psychological Science APS has initiated an effort to improve the representation of psychology on Wikipedia in terms of both its accuracy and comprehensiveness.

Intentional, thoughtful, and scholarly contribution to Wikipedia represents an opportunity for service because it can increase the quality and amount of scientific information available to the general public.

The contributions also offer students the opportunity to refine their communication skills by translating complicated scientific concepts into everyday language.

Students will sign up for one of the 40 studies in the Hock text. They will then review the Wikipedia article devoted to that study or a closely related topic and determine the strengths and weaknesses of the article.

Then, they will identify topics that could be added to make the Wikipedia coverage of their topic more comprehensive.

Building off their review, students will actually write a Wikipedia article based on their suggestion for an area in need of increased coverage.

Articles must be written so that they are comprehensible to the general public. Articles must be written using reliable, scholarly sources.

All sources must be documented both in the text and in a reference section. The length of articles will vary. However, if the article does not reach words and 2 sources, a second article should be written.

The written assignment that is turned in will consist of two parts. The first part will include the review of the Wikipedia page.

Reviews should contain strengths, limitations, and specific suggestions for expansion. The second part will consist of the actual article written for Wikipedia.

The course is Philosophy and Women. We are investigating the relationship between women and philosophy from Ancient Greece through today. It is a mixed undergraduate course where most have little to no experience in philosophy.

Their Wikipedia assignment is to research a woman philosopher and write a Wikipedia page for her to increase the visibility of women philosophers.

I do not yet have a Wikipedia advisor for the course. My students will be adding articles by women working in philosophy to increase the visibility of women;s contributions to philosophy.

Each student will be tasked with adding one article. Done OhanaUnited Talk page One new article, Evolutionary psychology of language , appears to have survived from this course.

During the AfDs WP: Albright College in Reading, Pennsylvania. Senior Seminar in Psychology: Current Topics in Social Psychology. This course for undergraduate seniors focuses on current theories and research in the field of social psychology.

As a final project, students will work in pairs to edit a Wikipedia stub or starter article. Students will first complete several small assignments.

They will critically evaluate an existing article, add new information with citation to existing article, and write summary of their article in a sandbox.

By the middle of the semester, they will move their article to main space and expand it. Looks fine from their talk page, I gave them the rights.

Kevin Rutherford talk Introduction to Gender and Popular Culture: This introductory level course for undergraduates. In order to understand how popular cultural shapes understandings of and attitudes towards gender, the course will pay special attention to the ways femininity and masculinity is represented and contested in multiple forms of commercial media, independent popular culture including music, film, television, print media, video games and new media such as the internet and social media technology.

The course will explore the ways gender identity has been, and is, represented in relation to questions of race, ethnicity, and class by examining the reception, production, and social uses of popular culture by multiple communities in local and global contexts.

Granted her the rights, as this is not a scam. Yet Palahniuk has produced a rich and diverse body of work post-Fight Club, one not only equally worthy of the kinds of critical and cult-like accolades heaped upon his first novel, but also one that invites serious scholarly investigation and critique.

This course will focus on seven of the novels that Palahniuk has written since Fight Club originally was published—from his second novel, Survivor to his most recent offering, Invisible Monsters Remix These pages could be novels by Chuck Palahniuk.

They could be the already existing page on "transgressive fiction. Right now, there are 6 students enrolled in the course.

There could be as many as 8 or 10, although I doubt there will be any change in the enrollment prior to the start of fall term. User is Williad talk , so I am going to give him the rights.

I hope someone has time to take this on and investigate: I simply don't have time. It looks like student editing since all userpages are similar and were created at the same time , but heck, could also be a sock farm.

I haven't taken this any farther than the first reverts of bad edits, simply because I don't have time.

Addition of non-MEDRS and non-reliable sources, breaking current refs, adding text already in the articles, etc. Could someone ascertain if these are students and attempt to locate a professor or help clean up the messes?

Sandy Georgia Talk What do we do about cleanup? I've already removed twice a broken ref and non-rs at Latah -- what next?

These students disappear at term-end, leaving the mess. Re Tryptofish and merging Brain fag syndrome , it occurred to me that all of the articles in Category: Culture-bound syndromes might be merged to Culture-bound syndrome , but there are too many of these syndromes to be covered adequately there, and some of them have adequate MEDRS-compliant sources it's just that these students aren't using them.

Every article I've checked reveals serious issues But it appears the best available source are exceedingly poor.

This supposed review article [35] simply copied and pasted the abstract from this paper [36] into there "review" article without one bit of rewording of the text.

Both state the same: Side-effects were considerably less frequent or incapacitating than with the previous therapy.

I guess the students have not done any worse than the authors of this paper. Feedback from one student on my talk. It looks like a previous iteration of the same class created a bunch of articles in userspace.

Otherwise they don't seem to have been touched recently. This will not happen again. We will not use Wikipedia in our classes again.

I don't currently have a course myself, but I'm in the process of recruiting some of my colleagues at Lancaster to use Wikipedia assignments in their modules.

Since I'll be helping them out, I would like to be more familiar with the process of creating a course, and the Education Program extension more generally.

One was withheld from publication Wikipedia talk: Unfortunately, the others biographies I've looked at from the class also delved way too deeply into describing WP: Primary studies the person was a co-author on as if they were relevant for a biographical entry.

I communicated this to the professor just now in an email. I was a Wikipedia Teaching Fellow in and , and I've taught the course below three times using Wikipedia as a project.

The project improves every semester. I have also used Wikipedia sister projects in another course.

I am an experienced editor. University of Southern Indiana. Introduction to Mass Communication: Students in this course will create content about journalists bios who have been killed while reporting or because of their reporting See: You may see past examples of the course syllabus listed on my user page, although I plan on further revisions in the fall.

The coursework is best associated with WP: Wikiproject Journalism and Wikipedia: WikiProject Freedom of speech.

All of the content tends to be biographies. And a great learning point for students is that they primarily focus on journalists from other countries, which touches upon a diverse group of country-specific Wikipedia projects.

I typically have between 40 and 50 students who are mostly first and second-year college students. First class is August 27, Projects must be completely finished no later than December 10, I put them on a schedule so that they should be submitting to AfC next semester around November and should have time for revision.

This can be a rewarding experience for everyone. Thank you, Crtew talk When should they be granted, and when should they not?

The Education extension was rolled out here while still in beta. There are a whole lot of bugs in the bug tracker and I'm not seeing much traction on getting them fixed.

There are also treads such as this in the archives of this page that haven't produced the results I'd hoped. Given the prominence sandboxes can play within courses example course , could there please be a link to each student's sandbox after each student's name in the "Student" column?

So that everyone could see "Gpruett2 talk contribs sandbox ", as an example? When one googles "Education noticeboard", the first link is Wikipedia talk: It's KSMobile solution to keep your device at its highest performance.

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Bingo Loopy Review – Expert Ratings and User Reviews -

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